Service Club of Manatee County is a united group of women whose sole purpose is to support child-ren who reside in Manatee County. Each year, Service Club raises money to help underprivileged children in Manatee County through private donations and our only fundraiser, For the Love of Children Gala. Service Club has been an active charitable organization since 1927 with our Active and Sustaining Members volunteering their time each year to make our only fundraiser a huge success.  

Our mission is to support children who reside in Manatee County by raising and distributing funding for the benefit of those who are in need of food, shelter, clothing, health services, or educational services.  

Service Club receives grant requests from local non-profit charitable organizations who are committed to improving the lives of local underprivileged children. Our Grant Program Committee thoroughly evaluates each request, personally interviews each organization, and presents their recommendations for funding to our membership for final approval. In 2020, Service Club distributed $106,000 to 34 agencies and programs serving the needs of children in Manatee County.

During the 3rd week of March, Service Club will hold its only annual fundraising event, For the Love of Children, which will be held virtually due to the present CDC social distancing guidelines due to COVID-19.


The event will culminate on Saturday, March 20, with the end of the silent auction, the presentation of the live auction, and mission moment.  See our website, manateeserviceclub.com to see how you can join us.


In 1927, Manatee County was a small community struggling through the Florida Depression just before the Great Depression. Ballard Primary School was the only elementary school in Bradenton at that time. A group of Manatee County women noticed children coming to school without lunches and banded together to make sandwiches and cookies, which they delivered confidentially to the school for those children. These women were the founding members of Service Club of Manatee County.

In the 1940s, when the school lunch program became a part of the school system, these women focused on providing school lunch money, clothing, and shoes for the needy children throughout the community. Support for this effort soon came from the  rest of the community, which gave financial support and

helped in Service Club's fundraising activities.  Some of the fundraising activities were bridge parties, luncheons, rummage sales, dinners, teas, golf tournaments, fashion shows, and evenings at the movies. After World War II, the federal government assumed responsibility for the school lunch program, and Service Club looked to help local children at Children's Haven (now called The Haven), a local center for developmentally disabled children.  The same generous impulses that started the lunch program were followed by an even wider concern for the welfare of needy children in matters of health. Local dentists and physicians agreed to provide dental care and eyeglasses and even tonsillectomies for children in need. In 1963, Service Club held its first Antique Show at the Bradenton Municipal Auditorium.

For 54 years, Service Club held an annual Charity Antiques Show. Each year approximately 40 Active Members, and many of our over 100 Sustaining Members, come together to prepare and present our event, now named For the Love of Children Gala.


It is my honor and privilege to serve as your President of Service Club of

Manatee County. The challenge which began in 1927 continues with 46

Active Members and many of our over 100 Sustaining Members addressing

our mission of supporting children who reside in Manatee County by raising

and distributing funding for the benefit of those who are in need of food,

shelter, clothing, health services or educational services. Due to the effects of

COVID-19, there is now a need more than ever to support our county youth.  

I am delighted to tell you that during the summer our Active Members met in special session to come to agreement as to what our 2021 fundraiser would look like.  We decided that we had to plan a fundraiser that could not be cancelled to health and safety concerns of COVID-19. Therefore, we are in the process of producing a virtual For the Love of Children, our annual fundraiser. During the 3rd week of March, our event will be presented virtually.  Our guests will be able to see and bid on our very popular silent and live auction items. Finally, on Saturday, March 20, the event will conclude with the last bids on the silent auction, our auctioneers will conduct our live auction, and guests will be able to donate during our mission moment. 

I am extremely amazed and impressed by the positivity and energy from all the members. Everyone has stepped up to make sure our event is a success.  The determination to fulfill our mission is strong.




Sandy Law, President

Service Club of Manatee County Florida, Inc.

Sandy Law Headshot 2019.JPG


Alcott, Linda
Amick, Janene
Ashley, Lyndsey
Barnebey, Marianne
Barnes, Katherine
Bedford, Deidre
Begley, Stephanie
Bell, Valerie
Bloomberg, Krista
Casadevalls, Cyndi 
Chatham, Megan
Cohen, Beth
Colavito, Debi
Eurice, Carmen
Garner, Susan
Gause, Kristin

Gravlee, Sandy
Gurucharri, Jean
Heibner, Louise
Himelberger, Lori 
Hogan, Carol
Iaboni, Deborah
Johnson, Kim Kelly
Lane, Marlo
Law, Sandy
Lawson, Jamie
Lodwick, Barbara
Marlar, Martha
McCurry, Pam
McSwain, Lynn
Moran, Bea
Moseley, Susan

Nash, Allison
Nierman , Carla
Partenheimer, Nora
Pierce, Elizabeth
Pierro, Cindy
Reeder, Patricia
Roberts, Jane
Ross, Jan
Scott, Jennifer
Sokos, Lisa
Steinberg, Susan
Telfair, Valerie
Thrasher, Natalie
Walter, Pamala
Weil, Arlyne


President: Sandy Law

Vice President: Barbara Lodwick

Recording Secretary: Cyndi Stewart Casadevalls

Corresponding Secretary: Jean Gurucharri

Treasurer: Debbie Iaboni

Assistant Treasurer: Lynn McSwain

Reporter: Pamala Walter

Parliamentarian: Marlo Lane

Immediate Past: President: Krista Bloomberg


1927-36           Unknown

1937-38           Pearl Bispham
1938-39           Sarah Leach
1939-40           Evelyn Chaires
1940-41           Marian Green
1941-42           Lia Payne
1942-43           Stella Cox
1943-44           Bobbi King
1944-45           Doris Zoller
1945-46           Lucy Dye
1946-47           Anne Kelbert
1947-58           Unknown
1958-59           Blanche DuBois
1959-60           Sarah Leach
1960-61           Carolyn Juinkin
1961-62           Margaret Wentzel
1962-63           Unknown
1963-64           Ruth Harris
1964-65           Elizabeth Dye Diem
1965-66           Anne Quillian
1966-67           Lois Taylor
1967-68           Helen Turner Matthews
1968-69           Avalon McKenna

1969-70           Sally O'Shea

1970-71           Dorothy Horton

1971-72           Betty Burnett
1972-73           Eleanor Ganey
1973-74           Eulia Stathis
1974-75           Mary Lilla Miller
1975-76           Sheila Leach
1976-77           Elizabeth Page
1977-78           Janie Wilson
1978-79           Anne Doss
1979-80           Rachel Harrison
1980-81           Janet Grimes
1981-82           Barbara Knowles
1982-83           Mary Burnett
1983-84           Virginia McInnis
1984-85           Flavia Preston
1985-86           Jean Shelton
1986-87           Bette Jane DesChamps
1987-88           Georgette Knowles
1988-89           Barbara King
1989-90           Ginny Kinney
1990-91           Alice Trice

1991-92           Bettye Sue McCurry

1992-93           Karen Stewart
1993-94           Mary Louise Gerard-Becker

1994-95           Linda Diem

1995-96           Sherry Bellino

1996-97           Myra Choate
1997-98           Mary Stoll
1998-99           Susie Walters
1999-00           Sheila Jackson
2000-01           Mary Middlebrooks
2001-02           Doris Bassett
2002-03           Mary Beth Bustle
2003-04           Missy Eckenrod
2004-05           Jacquie Braxtan
2005-06           Janice Hamlin
2006-07           Ann Day
2007-08           G. Lee Jones
2008-09           Patsy Pomeroy
2009-10           Polly Gaar
2010-11           Connie Dolin
2011-12           Vicki Zulanas
2012-13           Marcia Wallace

2013-14           Susan Mitchell

2014-15           Eileen Hoffner

2015-16           Sandy Scroggins

2016-17           Nina Richardson

2017-18           Michele Grimes

2018-19           Krista Bloomberg

2019-20           Krista Bloomberg